Oil-Dri employees, who we refer to as teammates, are our most important resource.  They play a critical role in the success of our company. We strive to foster an inclusive and safe environment where our teammates feel valued and heard.  We support their personal well-being and encourage professional growth. Our methods of engagement, training and development lead our teammates to take pride in their work and achieve higher levels of performance year after year.

HeAlth and wellness

The success of our business is fundamentally connected to the well-being of our teammates.  As such, the health and wellness of our teammates is a top priority of ours.  We offer robust and generous benefit programs, to those who qualify, which include, but are not limited to, health, prescription drug, dental, life insurance and disability insurance.  We also offer wellness programs, to those who qualify, to help our teammates live healthy lives. Smoking cessation programs are offered to teammates at no cost.  We also offer gym and weight loss reimbursement in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Our employee assistance program provides face-to-face, telephonic and online counseling services for a variety of potential needs that our teammates may have.  Our commitment to the wellness of our teammates is further evidenced by our paid time off and sick days program which are part of the work/life balance component of our WE CARE values framework.

teammate Engagement

Oil-Dri maintains an open-door policy that encourages conversations between teammates at all levels. Communication goes both ways – ideas are shared and feedback is encouraged.  We engage with teammates on a regular basis through newsletters, townhalls, video announcements, meetings, and new hire luncheons with our CEO. On occasion, anonymous online surveys are issued to solicit feedback on various work-related topics. We come together to celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, retirements and other special occasions.

COntinuous teammate development 

We encourage our teammates to reach their potential with continuous learning and improvement.  All teammates have access to our online training and development library for on-demand courses, webinars, books and podcasts.  Teammates may attend conferences and programs and/or obtain certifications that relate to their positions at no cost.  For teammates looking to further their education, we offer varying levels of tuition reimbursement programs after one year of employment.  This is designed to provide financial support to help teammates reach their educational goals, while also providing a way to support academic activities that directly relate to the organization’s identified knowledge, skills, and behaviors which support the mission, vision, and values of the Company.


We believe our success largely depends upon our continued ability to attract and retain highly skilled teammates. We have demonstrated a history of investing in our teammates by providing competitive salaries and bonuses at all levels of the Company, including a deferred compensation plan and executive deferred bonuses for our executives, and opportunities for equity ownership through our restricted stock program under our long-term incentive plan. We also provide access to training and development and an attractive employment package that promotes well-being, including health care, retirement plans, and paid time off. We support our employees’ desire to save for retirement by providing a 401(k) savings plan in which we contribute 100% of every employee dollar contributed, up to six percent (6%) of earnings and for which employees are fully vested after two (2) years of employment. The competitive compensation and benefit package have been key to the strong retention of our employees.

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