Organizational Culture: The Oil-Dri Difference

Our tight-knit, inclusive culture focuses on Integrity, Approach, and Vision. When you join Oil-Dri, you aren’t just joining a company, but a family. Teammates are empowered to continuously look for ways to improve processes and eliminate waste, all the while working to foster an atmosphere that is welcoming. Throughout the year, there are many ways teammates are recognized for their representations of our company’s values and philosophies.


What makes Oil-Dri different is the emphasis we put on honesty, ethics, diversity and compassion. Everything we do, we do with integrity, while keeping those values at the forefront of our minds. We support healthy lifestyles by offsetting gym membership fees and implementing a no-tobacco policy. We also encourage a strong work–life balance that enables team members to build a thriving career and still be present for their children’s sporting events and dinner with their families.



Our approach is centered on collaboration, communication, and transparency. We believe in the value of an open and accessible corporate structure and culture that starts at the top. Our President & CEO knows almost all of our teammates by name and is passionate about his open-door policy. While we have numerous teams with varying roles and responsibilities, we are aware of the value that each one adds to our success and no team works in a silo. Each quarter we develop a corporate newsletter that is sent to all of our team members. We also host an annual Global Sales Meeting to unite our team face to face.


As a family-controlled and family-operated organization, each decision we make is done with future generations in mind. Like Aesop’s fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare,” we focus on the long-term goal. We don’t make any decisions that will compromise the company’s vision for the future. Since the beginning, our corporate team has consisted of many members from the same family. In fact, at one point, sixty-five families were represented by two or more team members at Oil-Dri. This is a true endorsement of our close-knit community and a proud point of difference. Whether you have been here for one year or thirty years, you are considered part of the family.

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