We believe that safety must be the first and foremost consideration in the decisions made by and on behalf of the Company. We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility – from senior management to frontline workers. As part of our company-wide safety policies, it is expected that all teammates identify safety risks and take action by implementing interim controls, ensuring that controls are maintained, and recommending permanent solutions. Additionally, as part of our annual budget and capital planning process, our businesses identify additional safety investments required for training, education, equipment, and processes. We are committed to operating in a manner that protects the health and safety of our workforce and our communities and ensures decisions are consistent with a long-term view of sustainability and stewardship.

Through our corporate safety department, we implemented a safety auditing program for adherence to local, state and federal safety standards and regulations including MSHA and OSHA. These audits are conducted annually for global operations by third-party consultants enforcing a rigorous assessment of regulatory standards, internal procedures and program performance. Audit assessments and inspections are scored and are currently indicating high levels of compliance in our operations. The auditing program confirms the Company’s commitment to best management practices and principles. We continually increase the rigor and level of scrutiny to drive continuous improvement in our operations.

In response to COVID-19, we implemented significant safety changes which comply with government regulations. This included having the vast majority of our teammates who can perform their jobs offsite work from home and additional safety measures for teammates continuing critical on-site work. We substantially restricted non-essential travel, required social distancing, supplied masks, implemented vigorous cleaning and sanitation protocols, and provided information to all of our teammates on a regular basis regarding the Company’s approach to COVID-19 and other beneficial health and vaccine related information.

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