Our Team is Our Family

Over the past 75 years, our organization has grown from a staff of two to a team of nearly 800 individuals around the world. Throughout this immense growth, we have managed to preserve the vibrant, family-oriented atmosphere that attracts high-quality, dedicated teammates. We are extremely proud of the core values that have helped us build a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals. It is these values that led us to become the first recipient of the National Family Business of the Year Award and to be included in Chicago Tribune’s Top 100 Workplaces for three consecutive years. If you are searching for fulfilling work with dedicated, forward-thinking people, we encourage you to explore our career opportunities.

Working at Oil-Dri

Teammate Testimonials

Oil-Dri has an Open-Door Policy. I trust local facility managers to hear me fairly when I go to them with any issues.

Jim | Operations and Engineering | Teammate since 2014

We have a real product to sell, good people to package and market it, honest people to sell it and hardworking people to service it.

Kevin | Sales & Marketing | Teammate since 2011

At whatever level you are, you get treated the same, and appreciation is really shown for what you do.

Yasmith | Sales & Marketing | Teammate since 2006

I will put my feelings in terms of nucleus stability of isotopes. I’m about an Iron-56, which has the third most stable nucleus of all isotopes.

Frank | Science | Teammate since 2012
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