Innovation is the cornerstone of Oil-Dri’s advancement. Vernon Hills, Illinois, is home to our extensive research and development program that has resulted in many breakthrough products and market applications. Explore the page below for a deeper look at how we have created value-added products from specialty minerals.

Innovation Starts Here

The Nick Jaffee Center for Innovation houses approximately 18,200 square feet dedicated to research, development and technical support activities. The campus includes laboratories and a Pilot Plant that simulates the production processes of our customers and our manufacturing plants.


Oil-Dri’s Richard M. Jaffee Laboratory for Applied Microbiology was named for and inspired by the Chairman’s pioneering and visionary spirit. A showcase for both research and customer education, the 6,000 square foot facility houses Oil-Dri’s Life Sciences team and a state-of-the-art Biosafety Level-1 and 2 laboratory space. This enables the examination of materials that will accelerate Oil-Dri’s microbial research and new product development.

Knowledge is Power

Our Innovation Team is composed of over 22 great minds. Eleven of them have advanced degrees, such as (3) master’s and (8) doctorates (including Ph.D. and DVM) in the scientific field. These teammates total approximately 485 years of collective experience in animal health, animal nutrition, biology (including microbiology and molecular biology), bioengineering, catalysis, chemistry (including biochemistry, cosmochemistry, geochemistry, oleochemistry, organic chemistry and solid state chemistry), foods science, forensic science, formulation science, genetics (including molecular genetics), geology, material science, metallurgy, minerology, mining science, minerals exploration, molecular diagnostics, regulatory science, risk management, and soil science, among others.

From Mine to Market

Our mines are chosen based on numerous geological and geographical criteria to yield the highest quality and efficiently-delivered minerals. Each product is then rigorously tested in laboratories, pilot plants and in the field. We manufacture finished products to meet exacting quality standards and assign a dedicated team to launch, market and sell each unique mineral-based solution.


Our technical team is always available to provide exceptional product support to our customers as they implement our products into their processes. We help mitigate challenges by anticipating our customers’ needs and collaborating with them to minimize costs and maximize success.

We Know Minerals

Our history, experience and resources have helped us develop a deep understanding of the properties and capabilities of our unique minerals. Armed with this information, we are able to maximize each of our mineral’s potential and to create more value for our customers.

This diverse mineral knowledge enables internal and external collaboration and leads to pioneering product and market developments.



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