We are very excited to share the Cat’s Pride® Litter for Good generous donation on The Drew Barrymore Show. Through the show, Cat’s Pride is thrilled to help support Meow Parlour cat cafe in New York City by providing a cash donation of $10,000 and 16,000 pounds of donated litter! Not only did this opportunity allow us to help more animals in need, but we were able to reach The Drew Barrymore Show’s massive audience of 1M viewers a day with our brand mission of empowering pet parents to do extraordinary things. The entire segment is worth the watch for context, but Cat’s Pride’s heartfelt donation and mention begins around the 5:00 mark.


On this episode of “Built in America: INNOVATION NATION,” John McCalmont meets with Dan Jaffee and Amlan International to learn how mineral-based products are being used in novel ways to help livestock producers create a healthier world for all of us

Oil-Dri, maker of Cat’s Pride litter, says thank you to America’s truck drivers

Oil-Dri Corporation of America, maker of Cat’s Pride litter, wants to send a huge thank you to the over 3,000 drivers that deliver nearly 30 million pounds of Cat’s Pride litter to retailers each month. Plus 8 million pounds of litter donations to animal shelters in need, through our Litter For Good program. On behalf of Oil-Dri and Cat’s Pride — thank you, America’s truck drivers, for all that you do to make Americans’ lives better.


In this video, Dan Jaffee, President and CEO of Oil-Dri, provides inspiration with stories of perseverance and advice on staying positive, even in the most difficult situations.

Cat's Pride on WGN Radio

Check out the latest WGN Radio Theatre episode and learn how much cats love Cat’s Pride®! Every month, one lucky winner of a year’s supply of Cat’s Pride® litter is announced. Tune in to learn how you can enter to win! And the next time you need litter, pick up a green jug of Cat’s Pride® to help shelter cats find forever homes. Learn more at

Oil-Dri Featured on EARTH with John Holden

This episode of EARTH follows host, six-time Emmy award winner John Holden, as he uncovers how Oil-Dri Corporation of America is creating value from its sorbent minerals.

Litter for Good

Cat’s Pride® is Changing Litter for Good® by donating a pound of litter to shelters across America for every green jug of Fresh & Light® litter sold. Visit to learn more.

Global perspectives on feed additive technologies

Meet the Amlan International leadership team as they share insights into global poultry production trends, including U.S. and Latin America poultry opportunities. Gain a better understanding of natural mineral-based products that support feed conversion and normal gut function. Learn how Amlan’s mineral technology helps improve the sustainability of animal production, by addressing the need for feed additives that enhance intestinal health.

Our Past Drives Our Future

As our organization grows, we find value in reflecting on the milestones that have led us to where we are today. This video gives a snapshot of past, present and future. Visit our history page to experience an interactive timeline that highlights the people, discoveries and events that have contributed to our success.

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