At Oil-Dri, we are committed to creating mineral based value-added products that support our sustainability efforts. We take pride in providing products that improve the safety, efficiency, or productivity of businesses and households through our diverse portfolio of natural clay items. Some of these products are utilized to promote the health and wellness of animals. Our exceptionally talented scientists at The Nick Jaffee Center for Innovation and The Richard M. Jaffee Center for Applied Microbiology, are constantly seeking additional ways to create new, convenient and environmentally friendly products.

Lighter litter – lower carbon footprint

Oil-Dri produces lightweight cat litter that weighs up to 50% less than traditional scoopable clay litter. Our clay is naturally porous and light in density which allows us to provide products that yield the same volume as other traditional scoopable litter products. Our Cat’s Pride® and private label lightweight litter products deliver all the performance (absorption, odor control, clumping, low dust and tracking) without the heavy lifting. In addition to making it easier for cat owners to lift, carry and pour, our lightweight litter benefits everyone throughout the entire supply chain process, including those loading and unloading trucks and stocking store shelves.

These products make it possible to transport nearly twice as many jugs of lightweight litter on every truck that leaves our facilities, substantially reducing the carbon impact of transporting our products to distributors and retail partners. Less weight on the truck and fewer trucks on the road mean greater fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

Oil-Dri remains committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility in producing innovative, quality products that will benefit both cat owners and the environment.

walmart responsibility award

Oil-Dri won the 2011 Walmart Vendor Responsibility Award which recognizes companies whose products help Walmart meet or exceed their sustainability goals. Oil-Dri and Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light was awarded for our positive impact on consumers lives and the environment.


As producers continue to remove antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals from animal rations, they need to find natural solutions that help maintain animal performance through supporting optimum health and immune status. Amlan’s natural mineral-based products help support intestinal health and allow animals to maintain an optimum gut microbiome. Healthy animals are able to achieve their genetic potential for growth which improves the economics of animal production. Inputs also decrease with improved efficiency, and cost and environmental impacts decline, improving the overall sustainability of food production.


Floor absorbents are traditionally packaged by weight. These products are used by volume and not by not weight. Given the low bulk density of Oil-Dri’s clay, one cubic ft. of our absorbent weighs far less than one cubic ft. of competing products. This allows us to offer the same sized bag as other clay competitors at a much lighter weight. We are able to stack more bags per pallet due to the lower weight. This, in turn, allows us to ship more bags per truckload and drastically reduce the number of trucks, gallons of diesel, CO2 emissions, and total miles that it would otherwise take to ship the same amount of the heavier bags.

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